when is europe getting ORAS demo (and SSB too)? i don’t see any offers


itabia tagged me in 15 things that make me happy:

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polkavata asked me questions that lil slug. but im a rebel so screw the rules

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because sony owns spider-man movie rights, there’s no spidey in avengers MCU
because disney made ultimate spider-man cartoon, there’s no spidey in disney’s animated avengers

is that about right ?

mmm look at all this shit news in the world this fine afternoon

there were two other Luffs at unicon and im mad

im a wolf throwing up hair

it’s hilarious when manga/anime set in not-Earth get accused of whitewashing or whatever else ‘cause, y’know, I’m pretty sure they’re all asian

i need a tanaka-taking-off-shirt-and-swishing-it-around gifset

Haikyuu!! episode 14
sometimes it’s nice when animé adaptions take a few liberties with interpretations


I am just a little flock of computer accessories


//aggressively dismisses all recommended posts

isn’t it hilarious that Eren is the damsel-in-distress of his own story, getting captured all the time and treated like a prize?
and the heroine is the one always saving his ass?

he’s now constantly going “idiot oberyn. goddammit”

brother has now seen oberyn’s death (and so have i. it was awesome). he said he’d just been thinking about the possibility today “oberyn’s a cool character… so he’ll most likely die”
he knoes this series