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the steal system in ff9 is killing me goodnight >:C

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….and then i turned around and drew him again.

Either because I’ve had too long of a break or what, but it seems I’ve grown sick&tired of my style. Or specific parts of my style. Because this doodle… This doodle I like much better.

I’ll have a more in-depth style update adventure some other time tho.

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i’ve considered getting AC New Leaf several times but gave up when reminded of the whole “residents building houses wherever they please” thing and just from the second-hand rage i know i can’t enjoy it fully

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watched Frozen
it was ok
Anna is great

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asked by kittyinhiding because of that question thingy
don’t mind

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And what’s your excuse ??

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ok time to be King of Derp

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oh god i applied for a school
i don’t have much hope for that one but there’s one way in the corner that i’m interested in so YAY BACK-UP
what do i do what if they don’t like animu

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it’s REALLY bad when the image of what you want to draw is very much against your drawing style

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i can’t believe my dash isn’t covered in sherlock spoilers

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Now that I think about it, my Yami icon suits me a lot. Only a pharaoh can represent my massive ego.

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i hear Frozen is doing really well in theatres.
i’m assuming that despite the same-faced women, the destruction of the original story’s feminism and overall generic business-as-usual disney story, that it’s plenty fun

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I hate Legend of Korra.

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