If I weren’t interrupted by my trip to Paris, I’d be doodling stuff concerning Cloud’s recovery from his broken psyche. I mean, the whole part from when Aerith runs off to other characters leaving… So when Cloud says “I saw everything” and we finally see what happened in Nibelheim and then when he explains everything to his party with the uplifting HW music playing in the background… I GOT SO FRIGGIN’ EXCITED AND HAPPY. They all had a laugh together and then I had him talk to Yuffie and I felt like he was sooo happy and smiling, being able to confidently use his memory and experience to talk about motion sickness!!

At this point though, I’m already on “disc” 3. Hence the doodles are more random… Idk what I want to draw anymore, haha~

I almost forgot about these. I was, well, am, hyped about the new Disgaea game. Very curious to find out how their dynamic might have changed.
Hopefully I’ll finish some of this some day…

And at that moment Aerith thought “crap, I got no luck with guys”
But seriously that scene in the Temple of the Ancients was creeeepy. If there ever was doubt that there’s something wrong with Cloud’s head, then it’s all gone then and there.
The way he goes on afterwards with all that confidence is eerie.

I bought Final Fantasy VII (PC) and have been playing it. It’s quite nostalgic… Also it’s breaking this image of “emo Cloud” since he has various emotions which is the whole reason I was inspired to doodle him. He broods a lot in Advent Children though? I don’t remember why.

I find it funny how everyone relies on Cloud, no questions asked.
Anyway, I’ll keep playing… It’s about time I got first-hand experience and finally know the story in its entirety.

Welcome to another sketch dump! I hope you will enjoy, hurr~ I draw very rarely in my sketchbook. Usually it’s my notebooks and random strips of paper that suffer |D;; Aaaah… One of these days I’ll get those scanned and organised too…

Note: You’ll have to click the source link or, uh, here, to see the full size image.

Naruto, Fairy Tail and…


I’ve been trying to catch up with the Naruto and Fairy Tail animes, so I felt like doodling the characters. Ended up starting a RAVE re-read too. Of course there’s Luffy too (after I realized how silly I am for drawing Mr. Strawberry).

Again, webcam snapshots so the quality is poor. Also, the characters are drawn from memory, hence possiblelikely inaccuracies.

Some dudes

Some obsessions of mine. I draw/drew Shimon and Kenichi all over the place. Oga… Nope. He’s hard for me to draw since he’s more… masculine? Dunno. Anyway, love all three of these guys. And yeah there’s a “collab” with a friend up there in a corner xD

These are snapshots via webcam, so sorry for the low quality.

New characters for a story idea I had fairly recently. No idea if it’ll go anywhere at all. I might try writing a short story.

The larger collection of drawings is from when I was waiting for my flight to England. I had recently finished watching Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, so I was a bit crazed too. Practiced Shimon and succeeded in drawing a really cool headshot =u=

That Luffy turned out awesome too. Inspired by the chapter where Hodi dares say anything about ruling the seas.

Some stuff I doodled in the last months of the past school semester. Contains the cutest Sanji I’ve ever drawn!

The text at the very top says: “I used to think everyone in high-school draw well/ Are you still listening? I’m not” This was my speech paper. We had to present our projects. Hence the champagne comment - it would finally be over after that day.

I had fun with this.

These doodles are mostly from this year and last but still it feels like some are from 5 years ago or something.

Note that I doodle with pens. They require no sharpening = able to draw detail at all times. Also trains me to not fail, haha~

Aaaand random sketches.

….After this, notebooks. Or maybe not… I’m not sure. I’ll upload some other things maybe. New sketches are piling up. I should put together a Hiruma dump (lol).

I don’t doodle pokemon as much as I think I do, but it happens. Especially now that I have decently developed characters for the universe. I also did a bit of spriting for a while, but my skills never went past splicing. At least I created Nike’s design thanks to the experience.

I had trouble drawing wurmple for the longest time, I have no idea why.